New Year – New Me!

It’s that time of year – resolution time! It’s tempting not to make any resolutions because then I wouldn’t have to suffer the disappointment when I don’t keep them. However, it’s the time of year when I feel I want to state those changes that I believe will make a better “me”. From exercising more and eating less, to reading more and practicing patience, these are the things my resolutions are usually made of. This year, I’m changing that and resolving only to be a better me. That’s broad enough to give me the leeway I think I need, but certainly a positive resolution overall and one that I hope makes me think twice when making decisions.

This is also the time of year when I “unclutter” my office. I go through every drawer, file and storage area, throwing out no longer needed files and accumulated junk. It always makes me feel more in control, organized and ready to tackle the new year.

This year though, I am taking that “uncluttering” mindset a step further. I pledge to rid my life of time-wasters and possessions that I do not use. Excess possessions require effort to take care of them. You have to move them, dust them, store them, insure them and think about them. If I haven’t used it within the last 2 years – it’s gone!

As for the time wasters, this might be a little more difficult. I enjoy people and any type of activity where I can be with people. So, I’m very likely to say “yes” whenever asked to do something. But, I’ve found that I’ve over-scheduled my life and have little to no free time. While I’ve never been one to sit around watching television or puttering in a garden, I never feel that I have a moment to call my own. I’ve managed to fill my life with things I love, but I think I’m going to have to prioritize my commitments better in 2011. 

I plan to continue my volunteer efforts at Dress for Success Cincinnati and participate in industry associations like the American Marketing AssociationPrinting Industries of America and the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce,  but some of my other commitments are probably not going to be renewed as they expire. This will be difficult for me.

Our business is in a constant state of change and, as the years pass, seems to require more time to learn and stay on top of all of the new marketing trends. I’ve learned that as an old dog I can always learn new tricks. As a life-long learner this excites me!

What are your resolutions for the new year? If you haven’t made any, then you won’t have to suffer the disappointment if you fail to keep them. But, if you never resolve to be a better “you”, then how will you ever grow? I’ve found that an unstated goal is just a pipe dream, but the minute you put it into words it seems to take on some magical powers that demand that we step up and be better. Here’s to you and a blessed, prosperous 2011!

About Debbie Simpson

President of Multi-Craft in Newport, Kentucky.
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