Defining and Re-Defining Moments

As a fifty-six year old family owned company, Multi-Craft has certainly had some defining moments over the years, as have I in my twenty-one year career as president. But, the great thing about business in a both technical and creative industry, is perhaps not the defining moments but, the decisions you make in redefining your company, staff and self to grow and stay relevant for fifty years and beyond.

 Five years ago, I would have introduced myself as an owner of a printing company. Today, that description no longer suffices. We have spent the last five years re-defining Multi-Craft. Today, our focus is on executing our client’s marketing strategy through the marketing channels of not only print but, ecampaigns, website development, emarketing portals, mailing, fulfillment and data analytics. We no longer limit ourselves to one channel. We are a company of change and a company of growth.

 This re-defining of our company also meant that our staff needed to be re-defined. In some cases, we had to hire experts to get the knowledge we needed to support a channel, such as mailing and emarketing portals. In other cases, education enabled current employees to grow into new areas of expertise. Implementing change is never as easy as you think it might be.

But, in the world of marketing, a stand-alone strategy is not a good strategy. When integration became the direction things were going in, it was important to recognize what our customers were looking for and how we could continue to provide value to them.

 Today, more than ever, marketing requires people with open minds, an adventurous spirit and the ability to adapt quickly. Technology is driving the speed of change faster and faster. Just as we seem to have gotten our arms around a new way to market our products and services, another channel pops up. While I don’t suggest just blindly embracing the new technology because it’s new, it’s undoubtedly an advantage to embrace change and adopt the technologies that make sense for your company and the customers you serve. Do your own research, track and measure everything you can, talk to your clients and honor their channel preferences when lending advice to their own marketing strategies.

About Debbie Simpson

President of Multi-Craft in Newport, Kentucky.
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