Lifelong Learning

This year, we developed monthly seminars to provide educational opportunities for our clients. The goal was to develop 1 hour programs, held during lunch, where we would be able to provide a general overview of some of the marketing channels available to our clients.

Today, we presented a program on “eCampaigns”. It was very interesting and provided lots of wonderful conversation. During this conversation, we discussed the fact that technology is driving change so quickly and new marketing channels are opening up faster than any of us can get our arms around. If you are not self-educating, then these trends will pass you by.

“So what”, you say? Well, you might feel if the trend passes you by it was just a trend and you didn’t lose anything by not grabbing on and using it while it was here. But, I feel differently. I don’t think our world is going to slow down – it is only going to change faster and this is because technology is driving change. So, you can either jump on board, learn quickly how the newest marketing channel can be used to drive revenue for your organization, or miss out on an opportunity.

Because things are changing so quickly, you can’t go back to school to learn about all of the new trends. By the time they write a textbook on them and get them into the curriculum, the opportunity would be gone – or will have morphed into something far different from where it started. Back to self-education.

No, everything on the internet is not true or accurate. However, you can get a general idea of what is going on, or how a new marketing channel can be incorporated into your strategy. Don’t forget that other organizations offer seminars or webinars on interesting and informative topics. Reach out – no one is going to spoon-feed you or lead you by the hand. You will need to educate yourself to stay current and on top of the marketing trends.

Some of the seminars we have already conducted for our clients include:

Now, I realize there are other channels out there, including Social Media and broadcast media. There is also Search Engine Optimization and Internet Advertising. These are topics we are likely to develop future seminars around to help our clients make educated marketing strategy decisions.

What I love most about these seminars is that our clients are finding real value in what we are doing. Every one of them have filled to capacity, some have had a waiting list and others we have actually repeated in the same month to meet the needs of our clients to learn – to self-educate.

I also have learned just by developing these programs. There is not one topic that I didn’t learn something I hadn’t known before I began. I firmly believe that curious people will reach out and actively pursue knowledge. Hopefully, they then have the wisdom and ability to apply the knowledge. Knowledge in itself is not power, but applied knowledge IS very powerful.

So, I want to offer a big “thank you” to all of our clients who have embraced these monthly learning lunches. In fact, some of them are already suggesting topics for future seminars. I couldn’t be more thrilled. We want to be that resource that our clients look to for information and assistance.

About Debbie Simpson

President of Multi-Craft in Newport, Kentucky.
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