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For those of you that follow my blog, you know I feel strongly that multi-channel integrated campaigns perform better than any single-channel campaign.

Each marketing channel, whether print, email, internet, social media or broadcast has it’s advantages, but those channel advantages are multiplied when combined with another channel. For example, I can tell you that direct mail + email will outperform direct mail alone.

Have you considered combining direct mail and the internet with social media? Let’s look at an example:

  • Send a direct mail piece that contains a personal URL.
  • Once you gather the data you wish from the recipient, give them the tools to “share” your offer via social media to their network.

A recent campaign by Steinmart received a 150% response rate because they made it easy for their customers to share a coupon via social media.

Now, just because it’s easy to “slap” a personal URL on a direct mail piece or put a social media button on your website, stop and make sure you take the time to develop your strategy. Some people will share because they are already fans of you, your product or service. However, others may need to have an incentive. So, before jumping in make sure you have taken the time to fully develop your strategy.

Define your campaign goals and objectives. How will you measure success? Is it supporting your overall marketing strategy? What type of incentive is affordable, yet attractive to those you are targeting?

Research shows that customers who interact with you over multiple channels will buy more, buy more often and be more profitable. So, why limit yourself to single-channel marketing campaigns! More channels = more revenue!

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About Debbie Simpson

President of Multi-Craft in Newport, Kentucky.
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