Ideas In Motion Seminars

This time last year, we were frantically trying to put together a meaningful schedule of hour-long seminars that our clients would find interesting and helpful. We must have succeeded!

To date, our monthly seminars have tackled the topics of:

  • Web-to-Print Portals
  • Integrated Strategic Marketing
  • PURLs and Data Analytics
  • Mailing, Fulfillment, Inventory Management
  • QR Codes and Mobile Marketing
  • eCampaigns

Every seminar has been full to capacity and some we had to repeat to accommodate all who wanted to attend. What a wonderful thing!

Now we find ourselves in the same position – developing a schedule for 2012 seminars that will engage, excite and inform our clients and prospects. So, we went to the source – our clients. We asked them what topics they would want to know more about. So far, we have heard:

  • Social Media
  • Postal Regulations
  • Effective Direct Mail
  • Dimension Mail
  • QR Codes – more in-depth than 2011

So, we take their interest as a sign that our monthly Ideas In Motion Seminars are filling a need for information. This reminds me of the tagline I have been given – “information junkie”. Yes, guilty as charged! I love to learn, particularly anything that can be used in marketing our organization and to help our clients market theirs.

So, I’m reading about Augmented Reality and Near Field Communication. These two topics will need to be researched, learned and incorporated into the offerings we bring to market. Both are so exciting and cutting edge – in my opinion. I want to figure out how to use them to help our clients ultimately sell more of their products and services.

What topics are you excited to learn more about? What’s new and cutting-edge in your world? Have you taken the time to self-educate so that you can be a resource both within your organization and to your clients? If not, what’s holding you back? Not enough time? Not interested? Nobody’s paying you to learn? All excuses!

Someone recently said that, “You can’t use being busy as an excuse for not getting better anymore!” I’d like to expand that and say that you can’t use anything as an excuse for not getting better. Everyone is busy. Everyone is bombarded by new technology and trying to figure out how to capitalize on it. Excuses don’t make you money. Excuses don’t save your job. Excuses won’t help you or your organization succeed.

So, get busy learning. And, if you have any ideas of what people want to learn more about in the world of marketing, drop me a line and let me know! I’d love to research and learn more about them so I can help my clients succeed!

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About Debbie Simpson

President of Multi-Craft in Newport, Kentucky.
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