Relationships Are Everything!

I’m deviating today from a business post and instead focusing on a personal post. I firmly believe that relationships are of primary importance. Today, I am attending a layout for a dear friend’s niece. Her life was taken by cancer at the age of 31 years. Way too young! She and her family have been on my mind so much during this last year, that I wanted to share what I learned from watching her journey.

What I’ve been witness to over the last 7-8 months of her life is her impact on those she had a relationship with. This is a young wife, mother, daughter, niece, cousin, sister and friend. Her life was lived with passion, joy and commitment and those qualities infused everyone she had a relationship with. She is being remembered as the truly special person she was!

How do you want to be remembered? I want my friends and family to remember a person who loved life, laughed a lot, had fun, took care of responsibilities, worked hard, had values, devoted time to God, family and friends and most of all was someone who treasured relationships.

Everything in life can be taken from you. You can lose your job, which can cause you to lose your house, your car and cause total financial ruin. You can lose your health and in the process lose your hair. Material possessions can vanish, but those who love and care for you will continue to love and care for you. Yes, relationships are the most important thing because after everything else is gone, they are what is left standing by you.

And, I know there are more than personal relationships. We all work, so we have business relationships. They may be a relationship with a boss, a co-worker, an employee, a vendor or a customer. How you conduct yourself will reflect in the depth and quality of your business relationships. I have many clients who started as customers and over time have turned into friends that I cherish. I love being able to do business with them.

In short, I don’t know of anyone who can say, “I have too many friends in my life”. I think we’re all searching for those meaningful relationships and most of us realize that to have a good friend you need to be a good friend. So, today, be that good friend to someone who needs you!

About Debbie Simpson

President of Multi-Craft in Newport, Kentucky.
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