Effective Direct Mail

Direct mail is NOT dead – in fact, it’s alive, well and thriving!

According to a Xerox study, when people were asked how they would like to be contacted for BUSINESS communications:

  • 69% stated they most prefer direct mail, as compared to
  • 28% by email
  • 3% by telephone

In addition, studies show that direct mail, working side-by-side with digital media, can have a substantial impact on the traffic that you drive to your website! Another reason to consider using integrated, multi-channel campaigns in your marketing efforts.

FMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) studies, conducted by Millward Brown, Bangor University and UK’s Royal Mail, show that there are 3 main differences uncovered between how study participants’ brains processed direct mail and digital messaging. This study, which measures neural activity, reports that:

  1.  Direct mail generated more, or deeper, emotional processing than the digital messaging.
  2. The brain saw the physical material as more real than the digital messaging.
  3. There was more activity in the areas of the brain that are connected to introspection when people viewed the direct mail.

These studies suggest that our brains are more emotionally engaged when we view direct mail, and that people pay more attention to something that is real and tangible versus something that is more transient. This study also indicated that the direct experience of a brand stays in the memory a lot longer with a physical piece of direct mail than it does with digital media. So, direct mail actually results in increased retention.

Today, direct mail often gets a bad rap because people claim it is expensive and ineffective. Un-targeted, irrelevant direct mail is extremely expensive and ineffective. But, you shouldn’t be sending out un-targeted and irrelevant direct mail. 

If direct mail were not effective, then why does Google, Yahoo and eBay, all online companies, use direct mail? They use direct mail because it IS effective! Particularly when it is relevant and targeted. You can send beautiful, expensive direct mail pieces all day long, but if you’re sending meat offers to a vegan, than your direct mail piece will be totally ineffective and a true waste of money. Be relevant!

Look at your mailing list. What do you know about the people and companies on that list? Use what you know to divide your list into segments so that you can mail relevant offers. And, every time you gather new data, make sure you roll it right back into that list. Having an up-to-date mailing list, with lots of demographic and psychographic details is a treasure – use it to your advantage!

Consider using what you know about your clients and prospects to executive a variable text and graphics campaign. The personalization will drive a higher response rate than a static direct mail piece. A higher response rate should result in increased bottom line revenue for your organization.

Sending targeted and relevant direct mail will help you print less, mail less, yet get a higher ROI for the marketing dollars you are spending. If you need assistance in putting your direct mail ideas into motion, give us a call. www.multi-craft.com


About Debbie Simpson

President of Multi-Craft in Newport, Kentucky.
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