Social Media Marketing

Yesterday, we had our monthly Ideas in Motion Seminar on “Social Media Marketing”. Preparing to present this seminar was a daunting task and an opportunity to expand my knowledge of this marketing channel.

While everyone in attendance agreed that social media is here to stay, most shared that they are struggling to justify the time and money needed to their managers and CEOs. Social media is more difficult to measure, so it’s hard at times to produce the traditional ROI that CEOs are looking for.

In addition, they sometimes don’t know what to post on social media. So we brainstormed some ideas for postings:

  • Community involvement and volunteer activities
  • Board appointments
  • New products or services
  • New client announcement
  • Training sessions
  • Helpful tips in areas of your expertise
  • Your unique selling proposition
  • Client success stories (with permission)

B2B companies also seem to feel that social media is more relevant for B2C organizations. While the strategy and outcome may be more clear for B2C companies, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a purpose for your B2B organization. Just a few reasons that a B2B company uses social media are:

  • Thought leader – share white papers
  • New touchpoints for client/prospect interaction
  • Awareness of your organization
  • Lead generation
  • Customer service enhancement

And, now for the fun stuff. I know you’ve heard me say it before, but here goes again – INTEGRATE! Integrate multiple marketing channels to gain the highest response and most benefit from your marketing efforts. We’ve become used to using direct mail, email and the internet together in an integrated campaign. We then have explored mobile marketing and the QR Code. Some have integrated this channel quickly, while others seem to still be trying to find the value proposition for their organization.

Now along comes social media. It’s not just about having a LinkedIn page, Facebook page, Twitter account or YouTube channel. Yes, it’s important to have those, but how are you incorporating them into your overall marketing strategy. Social media is not a stand-alone channel.

What would incorporating social media into your strategy look like? Let’s consider a PURL campaign. It already consists of direct mail, internet and email – so let’s tack on social media. On the final page of the PURL micro-site, place your social media icons. Make it easy for your prospects and clients to connect with you on your social media.

Take it a step further and allow your targets to share your PURL campaign “offer” with their social media network. It costs you nothing, yet will generate response from those you haven’t targeted. It helps to build your database with clients and prospects who are interested in what you have to offer. Now, you can begin to market directly to those new contacts you likely would never learn about.

Using multiple marketing channels in executing your campaigns means that you will drive a higher response. A high response rate should result in a higher conversion rate and increased revenue. So, I believe that multi-channel = more!

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About Debbie Simpson

President of Multi-Craft in Newport, Kentucky.
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    Being a small business owner I’m always looking for news, helpful blogs, and articles about running and marketing a small business.

    Reading about other businesses and what they are doing is always helpful.

    Keep up the good work

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