Dimensional Mail

Just about everything is mailable – even a coconut. In fact, as a “doubter”, I actually mailed one to my children while on vacation in the Keys. No need for a box, just a label, and of course, expensive postage. It arrived intact and caused lots of conversation in their neighborhood. 

And, as marketers, isn’t that what we’re after? We want to be noticed. We want to cause conversation among our prospects and clients. You don’t need to go to the Keys and mail coconuts, though that certainly is appealing if you’re living in a cold climate right now, like Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, where I am located. Consider mailing a dimensional mail piece to those you haven’t been able to get in front of previously.

Dimensional mail is mail that isn’t flat. You may also hear it referred to as “lumpy” mail. Tubes, boxes, lumpy envelopes or odd-shaped mailers are the kinds of packages that pique curiosity and beg to be opened. Dimensional mail carries added importance and will usually make it past the gatekeeper to the intended target’s desk.

Everyday we receive letters, postcards and flat mailers and if they don’t grab our attention quickly with something unique we usually quickly file them in the garbage. Whereas, dimensional mail is often shared, remembered, kept and, can help your messages come alive and stand out!

Yes, dimensional mail will cost more to produce and send than a letter or postcard would, but keep focused on value – not price. If a dimensional mail campaign can increase your response rate and thereby your conversion rate, it may be worth it. If a dimensional mail piece can secure an appointment with that CMO who has ignored your previously mailings and phone calls for the last year, it may be money well spent.

How do you know if the expense of a dimensional campaign is worth it? Perform an ROI analysis. Consider the cost of the campaign, estimate response/conversion rates and see what the bottom line shakes out to. If it’s positive, then give it a try. If it’s negative, then go back to the drawing board to find a more effective campaign.

Sometimes it may be as easy as putting your letter into an Overnight mail envelope. I don’t know of anyone who just tosses one of those in garbage without at least opening it and skimming the letter. Of course, your letter had better be on-target and grab their attention at the first sentence. Even a unique dimensional campaign demands relevancy.

As with any marketing campaign, we always strongly advise that you consider an integrated multi-channel campaign.  A marketing campaign that is only executed in any one channel will not usually be as effective as one that incorporates more than one marketing channel. Michael Jordan stated, “Talent wins games, but only teamwork wins championships”. So, if you’re looking to win the championship it’s going to take more than one channel. Make sure all of the appropriate channels are integrated to provide the teamwork that will guarantee your success!

If conducting a dimensional campaign is intriguing to you, give us a call. We can help put your ideas in motion! www.multi-craft.com


About Debbie Simpson

President of Multi-Craft in Newport, Kentucky.
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