Marketers Looking For New Customers In 2012!

According to TargetMarket Magazine, “Marketers are climbing out of the foxholes and charging back to the fight for new customers in 2012″. As an organization that helps their clients sell more of their products and services through executing marketing strategy, we are all for this!

Even more exciting is that these same marketers are planning to use every method possible to bring those new customers into their fold. They cite email as their primary channel followed closely by direct mail, search engine optimization and social media.

Some marketers are reporting more dollars being diverted to email because of postage costs. While others are moving from email to direct mail because it’s harder to get targets to open email – and, that’s if it even gets through to their inboxes.

I’d like to suggest that instead of moving dollars to one channel and then next year moving to another, that the focus be on multi-channel campaigns at the start. Not everyone is going to open that email, read your direct mail piece, click on your QR Code or visit your website. However, by using multiple channels in your campaign, your odds increase that they will take one of those actions.

A well-planned integrated campaign can drive response rates in a way that a single channel campaign can not. And, it’s not only about integrating the multiple channels, but making sure that you are sending relevant offers to qualified targets. Even the best meat offers to a vegetarian are going to fail.

And, focus on the data. Enrich your current database with even more demographic and psychographic information. It can help you determine who is most likely to buy what you sell! Multi-Craft is focused on helping clients develop, maintain and mine their databases.

If you are located in the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky area check out our upcoming seminars which are focused on  many of the channels you will want to use when executing your marketing strategy.

About Debbie Simpson

President of Multi-Craft in Newport, Kentucky.
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