Is Enough Ever Enough?

In Deliver Magazine, February, 2012, there was an article that stated, “When it comes to customer communications, particularly in the age of the seemingly endless chatter offered up in the integrated media space, is enough ever enough?” Good question!

Marketers understand that there is a fine line between marketing to clients and overwhelming clients with their efforts. Though digital communications have given marketers the opportunity to market more often to their targets, we still need to define how often is appropriate.

Building loyal customers is about bringing them solutions to their problems. It’s not about sending them an email everyday just to remind them you are there. It’s also not about sending irrelevant direct mail or posting multiple times where you are and what you’re doing. Too much irrelevant communication does not bring the client closer – it actually may drive them away.

A study conducted by the School of Business Administration at the University of California actually discovered that customers will tolerate twice as much direct mail versus email. The reason behind that is that they can sit, at their convenience, and review their mail. I believe with email communications, they feel more pressured to decide, on the spot, whether to keep or delete. And, it’s easy to hit “delete”. Customers reported that they find it obtrusive when contacted by telephone or even by email. This was obviously an unexpected finding of the study.

This does not mean that your email marketing should suddenly go away. What I believe this means is that your communication should be relevant at all times. It should also be frequent enough to keep your organization top-of-mind, but not so frequent that clients groan when they see your direct mail, email or social posts. I believe a monthly contact is appropriate, but again, only if it is relevant.

It also lays the case for integrated marketing. Marketing is not about your website. It’s not about your ecampaigns or your social media posts. And, it’s not about your direct mail or mobile marketing. It’s about all of the marketing channels and determining which channel(s) your clients and prospects prefer to receive communication from you. You also need to allow them to choose the channel they most prefer to respond to you. Maybe it’s by phone or email, but it might also be by business reply mail. Don’t limit their options. 

And, if you’re wanting to cut through all that chatter that is out there, focus on finding out your clients and prospects problems and then develop solutions for them. Nothing beats being relevant! Just my thoughts for today from Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky.



About Debbie Simpson

President of Multi-Craft in Newport, Kentucky.
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