What A Week!

Exactly two weeks ago, the Multi-Craft team attended the American Marketing Association (Cincinnati) Marketer of the Year Awards Dinner. Yes, we were up for Small Business Marketer of the Year for our re-branding campaign! When we first were nominated and prepared our entry, we felt certain that we could pull off a win this year. However, when we heard the name of one of the other finalists, a large corporate-financed organization that hosts an incredible event in our area every year, our optimism quickly dissipated.

Of course, we reserved our table and attended the awards dinner because, even though we felt certain we would not win, we did not want to look like sore losers. So, we went and were resigned to the fact that, while we were honored to be a finalist, we would be applauding another organization’s win. To say we were shocked, when it was our organization that was the winner, would be an understatement. I’ve never felt more proud of our Northern Kentucky company than I did that evening.

Our entire team has been focused on changing the direction of our organization. Change, as you know, is not always easy, but our team has come through with flying colors. From transforming ourselves from “just another printing company”, to an organization that can effectively develop and execute marketing strategy in many marketing channels, took the dedication of every one of us.

Two days later, I had a personal accomplishment that capped off this wonderful week. At the age of 60, I completed the Indianapolis Half Marathon (walked) in 17 minutes a mile. My blisters, sore feet and beautiful completion medal were badges of honor for the last few weeks.

The purpose of this blog today is not to brag – well, just a little about my incredible team of professionals, but to show that so many things are possible when you prepare for them and are committed to making them happen. With technology driving change so rapidly in many areas of our lives, it just makes sense to accept and embrace change.

Look at it as an opportunity to reinvent yourself or your organization!

About Debbie Simpson

President of Multi-Craft in Newport, Kentucky.
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One Response to What A Week!

  1. Congrats Debbie! What amazing accomplishments and agree…preparation and committment!

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