Change – It Does A Body Good!

Recently, a national magazine was looking for readers to respond with thought-provoking articles on a major life-lesson learned. It caused me to sit back a moment and try to think about the most important lesson I have learned in my life.

Over my 61 years, I have learned many lessons:

  • Do not play with matches, as the lingering sulphur smell makes it pretty clear to Mom that someone was doing something they shouldn’t be doing. Result – Time out!
  • If you hit first, you are likely to be hit back. Result – Pain from being hit and a spanking from the parents.
  • Do not lie, as there will always be something that trips you up and Dad will figure it out. Result – Grounded!
  • Do not try to dye your hair blonde and then reverse it back to brown in the same day. Result – Your hair will not survive.
  • Do not speed. Particularly, after your father has told you that your license will be removed if you do. Result – License removed for 30 days!

I’m sure you can see the trend. For every action there is a consequence. For bad actions, there are bad consequences like being grounded, having your hair fall out or losing your driving privileges. Of course, those were all teenage actions and teenage consequences. But, as I aged, I learned that consequences never leave you. For good decisions, you had good consequences and for bad decisions, bad consequences.

After much thinking, I came to the realization that embracing change is probably the most important life-lesson I have learned. I started out my professional career as a printer and we all know what the internet did to those who made the decision not to change. Some of those printing companies are still sitting around waiting for the recession to end and everything to get back to “normal”. They are defining “normal” as the industry they knew 10 years ago. That kind of “normal” will never happen.

Some of them are not sitting around waiting for the return of “normal”. Instead, their consequence for not changing has caused them to close their doors. They were not willing to consider that their industry was changing and that they needed to adapt to survive.

Our world has changed from the beginning of time. We use to have dinosaurs roaming the earth, but today they are nowhere to be found except in picture books or museums. There was a time before television was invented and today we have thousands of channels to choose from. Remember the days of buying and listening to your favorite songs on 45 rpm records? Today, you can pull up Pandora and have thousands and thousands of songs available to you at no charge.

The list of things that are different today from 20, 30 or 40 years ago is extensive. There has even been dramatic change over the last 5 years. Mobile marketing was just a dream in someone’s head and today, over 50% of all cell phone sales are for Smartphones, capable of mobile marketing.

So, change is inevitable. This is why I believe the best life-lesson I have ever learned was to embrace change. To love the thrill of learning a new skill or how to best incorporate a new technology into our business. Change is only frightening to those who want all things to remain the same. Lack of change may make life seem more stable and more predictable, but, in my opinion, lack of change equates to boredom and the death of personal growth.

You know the old saying, “Keep doing what you’re doing to keep getting what you’re getting.” In other words, if you’re looking for something better, something new, something different – then change is where you’ll find it! Embrace it!

About Debbie Simpson

President of Multi-Craft in Newport, Kentucky.
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One Response to Change – It Does A Body Good!

  1. Right on Debbie! Great points.

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