Yes, I Am Thankful!

This is the time of year when we begin to be pulled in two directions. We are looking both backward at what the past year has held and making bold plans for the upcoming new year.

Looking backward is sometimes thought to be unproductive, but I feel that looking backward can be beneficial. Where were your successes? Are they repeatable? Where were your failures? Can lessons be learned to prevent future missteps? I have no problem making a mistake once – it’s when I repeat it that I become frustrated. So, looking back and analyzing those successes and failures can be good life lessons to help the upcoming year be more productive and fruitful.

Looking forward is often just guesswork. No one truly knows what the future will hold, but we usually have a general idea. Planning for the upcoming year allows you to do a little “dreaming”. What if this? What if that? What would happen if I . . . ?” This type of blue sky thinking can be very helpful when looking at new directions. Obviously, the important part is ensuring that what you risk is far less than what you can gain if you implement those plans.

So, here we are looking backward and gazing forward and what is staring us right in the face? Today, this minute, this second. While we’ve been reminiscing about the past and dreaming about the future, the present was ticking away. Living in the now can insure that you are wringing every little piece of happiness and joy from each day.

I realize that I can’t just focus on this second. I know that future planning is vital for success and that learning from past mistakes is helpful. But, on Thursday, when my family sits down for Thanksgiving Dinner, I will be focused on the excited faces of my adorable grandchildren and the tears in the eyes of my 87-year-old father as he beholds four generations of his family gathered together.

I will enjoy the turkey, dressing and all of the trimmings and still make sure there is a little room left for my sister’s Apple Pie! I doubt if I’ll be thinking about the past or the future – just about this one delightful moment in time.

The team at Multi-Craft would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our clients and vendors a happy and blessed Thanksgiving Day! And, know that when you’re ready to put those future ideas in motion, we will use all that we have learned to insure that your campaigns will bring you success!

About Debbie Simpson

President of Multi-Craft in Newport, Kentucky.
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