Fat Tuesday

Last Tuesday was Fat Tuesday, and our annual Fat Tuesday Luncheon and Open House here at Multi-Craft. We spend a lot of time trying to put together a day where our clients and prospects can learn about new technologies, talk to vendors, see equipment in action, re-connect with acquaintances from previous years and enjoy some great Cajun food.

We also conduct a Mardi Gras themed poster contest for the graphic designers in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region. This year we had a hard time narrowing it down to the 5 finalists that the attendees could vote on. Some were very creative and humorous, while others were very serious but beautifully executed. This year, creative and humorous won! Congratulations to Joe Stryker with Icon Marketing Communications for taking home the grand prize.

I love this annual opportunity to interact with our clients. Most of our meetings are in conference rooms where we’re discussing strategy and costs. But, on Fat Tuesday, the conversation is all about families, recent vacations, what’s going on in their workplace, who found the baby in the King Cake and other general friendly conversation.

It’s a time where people are getting to know other people – not customers, not prospects, not the title – just everyday people! Some even let their guard down enough to put on masks and silly hats – no alcohol is served, so this is just their fun-loving nature coming out.

Often we forget that the business relationships we build are between people. And, to forge a good relationship where you can offer assistance and valued services, you need to understand not only the company, but the people involved. That’s why I love our annual Fat Tuesday Luncheon and any other time where I can get to know our clients on a personal level.

We’ve already started planning for Fat Tuesday 2014 – every year it just gets better. If you happen to be in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area next year on Fat Tuesday, stop by. Grab some New Orleans-style food, a piece of King Cake and get to know some of the fabulous people that we have the honor of calling “customer”! www.multi-craft.com



About Debbie Simpson

President of Multi-Craft in Newport, Kentucky.
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