Change Happens!

An article this week in Bloomberg Businessweek, the headline reads, “Facebook Fatigue Among Teens Should Freak Out Marketers”. I can assure you that marketers have been freaking out for the last 10 years, trying to guess what the marketing channel du jour is.

The more things change, the more things change. As technology becomes more sophisticated, the speed of change has increased. So while teens are declaring they are tired of Facebook and YouTube, marketers will just get to work finding the best channel(s) to reach them in the short-term.

The short-term is all we can really focus on when it comes to the newer marketing channels. QR Codes, once predicted to be so strong, now seem to languish.Yes, they continue to pop up in print, yet no one seems very excited or focused on them. Does that mean that mobile marketing is passe’. No, not at all. It just means that QR Codes were “hot” for a while, but things change.

The constant state of flux that marketers find themselves in is now the new normal. Gone are the days of multi-year strategic marketing plans. It’s difficult to plan out more than a year because of new entrants into the marketing arena and the fast fade of others.

While this article claimed boredom as the reason teens are moving away from Facebook and YouTube, it also suggests that the presence of parents and grandparents on Facebook have made this channel too multi-generational for the teen set.

As teens make up an $819 billion consumer segment, their movement away from these two social media channels cannot be ignored by marketers. It’s time to get busy looking at where they are migrating:

Today, marketers cannot afford to ignore any channel. While the teens are abandoning Facebook and YouTube, other groups are increasing their presence on these channels. As more marketing channels come on board, our focus and our dollars, will continue to be splintered. Maybe it’s time to focus on our primary and secondary targets and spend our resources staying in front of them, instead of trying to be all things to all people.

Integrating multiple channels within your campaign can help increase response rates and thereby increase conversion rates and the resulting revenue. Direct mail and email are perfect complements for each other. Research shows that the response rate for direct mail increases when an email teaser is employed. Direct mail has also been tagged the channel best for customer acquisition, while email wins as the channel that supports customer retention. Combine them to drive both acquisition and retention.

And, back to those QR Codes. It doesn’t cost anymore to put a QR Code on a direct mail piece, as long as you are directing them to a mobilized website. So, why not integrate mobile marketing with direct mail?

Not every teenager will be ditching Facebook for Reddit and not every middle-aged woman is setting up a Facebook page. People are people and people are online and offline. Touching them in the channel they most prefer is what’s important. As well as, letting them respond back to you in their channel of choice.

When you’re ready to put your ideas in motion, give us a call. We can provide case studies that show the power of integrated multi-channel campaigns.





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President of Multi-Craft in Newport, Kentucky.
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