Relationship Building

Last week, Seth Godin, published a blog, “Get this over with ” vs . . .”  that caused me to think. I love when that happens!

There are times when all I want is to have fast service – once and done – like going to McDonald’s. I want my fries fast and hot – the same way I get them at every other McDonald’s. I’d appreciate a smile and a thank you, but just getting those crispy fries is enough to get me to return to some McDonald’s in the future.

That is not so in other situations. We have a national pizza chain located in our area and the manager has gone out of his way to know us, our children and grandchildren. When the grandchildren come in, he is quick to stop by the table, address them by name and mention that he has their favorite ice cream flavor ready, if they eat their dinner. Needless to say, every family celebration seems to happen at this restaurant. Not because of cheap prices or a five-star menu, but because a manager took the time to build a relationship.

I want my pharmacy to know me – I don’t just want to be a name and number. I love walking into my local privately-owned neighborhood drugstore and having the pharmacist say, “Hi, Debbie, how are the grandkids?” They also watch my records for negative drug interactions, and if I’m home sick, they’ll deliver my prescription to my door. I feel like we have a relationship and I can assure you that I’m not pricing out my prescriptions to find the low-cost provider. 

I shop at Steinmart, not because of a relationship, but because I like their clothing, accessories and price. I shop at my local boutique because I value the personal relationship and am willing to pay more for it.

Our focus at Multi-Craft is relationship-building. We want to know you and your company. We do our research to understand your industry and the issues that you are dealing with. We want to suggest marketing tactics, strategies and channels that we truly feel will drive leads, revenue and profit for your organization. That can only happen when there is a relationship.

Yes, we have those clients where we are just the third price they always get on all of their projects. And, we value their business. However, we understand that they aren’t looking for a relationship. In their mind, they are purchasing a commodity, but we do still try to look out for their best interests. We’re hoping that some day they will want to start the process of building a relationship. We love all of our customers, but are crazy about those clients who truly look at us as part of their team.



About Debbie Simpson

President of Multi-Craft in Newport, Kentucky.
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