Change = Opportunity

Change can be difficult. It requires us to abandon firmly set opinions, adjust our activity and think differently. Some people don’t want to adjust so they fight change. Others relish it!

I happen to be one who actually likes change. I get bored doing the same thing, the same way, over and over again. A fresh challenge is always a great diversion.

The old saying is true – you’ll keep getting what you’re getting if you keep doing what you’re doing. If we want something different, we are going to be required to do something different. We will need to make a change.

If we want to lose weight, we need to change our diet and activity level. If we want to be healthier, we need to change the type of food we are putting in our bodies. If we get a promotion at work, we’ll need to change our current job duties. If we want to save more money, we’ll need to adjust our discretionary spending. Getting something different out of your life, will require change.

It might make it easier if we look at change through a positive lens. Times of change can be times of great opportunity – an opportunity to reinvent ourselves or our organizations. Just look at what we’ve witnessed over the last four years. We have seen companies who didn’t change, fail. We have seen companies react to the downturn in the economy by rightsizing, learning to do more with less and succeed.

We have seen new companies start-up in response to an unmet need in our economy. They took advantage of the change in our economy to invest in a new business and they are growing.

We have seen individuals who were downsized out of an organization, make the decision to reinvent themselves. They returned to school and ended up with a different career, that they are enjoying, and have the opportunity to earn more. They took advantage of the change in their circumstances to find opportunity. On the other hand you have people who made  the decision not to adjust and are still unemployed.

Looking at the glass and deciding if it’s half full or half empty is no different then looking at change and deciding to stand firm or adjust course. I encourage you to take the optimistic view and look at the need to change as an opportunity to move closer to what you want your life to look like.



About Debbie Simpson

President of Multi-Craft in Newport, Kentucky.
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