Are you really that good, or is he just that bad?

We are entering the season of political advertisements. Here in Northern Kentucky, it is starting to feel like the political season is never-ending. But, it is increasing as we are in a ramp up for this November’s election.

As I listen to the political advertisements on television, I am amazed that a candidate would think that I would vote for him/her when their entire political message is “I may be bad, but my opponent is worse”.

They no longer seem to share their vision for our city/state/country, but only want to share what their opponent has done wrong. And, realize that whatever their opponent has done, has been magnified, exaggerated and distorted. It’s very hard to know where to turn for true and factual information.

At this point, I would vote for a candidate that spent their paid advertising dollars telling me what they believe, what they intend to do, what they stand for, what they have accomplished in the past, why their ideas matter and what they stand for. Let the other candidate do the same and stop this negative campaigning and mud-slinging.

With this in mind, think about how you do business. Do you sell your products and services by bashing your competitors? Or, do you sell your products and services by telling the story of what you can do that will benefit your prospect and customer? I’m hoping you sell by sharing your story, not by bashing your competitor.

This brings to mind a recent incident. I needed to replace a significant amount of carpeting in my home. I decided, in advance, that I would visit the two locally owned and operated carpet companies in Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky.

The first store I visited, I was greeted and given assistance. The carpet I liked was beautiful. I shared with the sales rep that I was visiting another carpet company and shared the name of that company. He immediately went into over-drive telling me that I wouldn’t be happy with the other company and any other negative comment he could come up with. I left and decided before I pulled out of their parking lot, that I didn’t want to do business with them because all he did was criticize his competitor.

I drove to the other carpet company and was promptly greeted and assisted. When I shared with that sales rep that I was looking for carpet at his company and one other, he immediately stated, “Well, you can’t go wrong with either company. Both are fine organizations.” Before I left the building I knew that he was the sales rep I wanted to do business with.

I bought my carpet from him and he was not the lowest price. I was looking for value and a person I could trust. He was confident enough in his company, products and services that he could compliment his competitor. That’s a class act!

Are you a class act? Are you threatened by a competitor, or do you use them to up your game and become the best choice? Always sell from a higher level. Tell your targets what you can do for them and why your products and services are a great solution for them. At the same time, always be willing to tell them when your organization isn’t a good fit for a project and be willing to refer them to the company that is. After all, we’re trying to build long-term relationships that are built on trust, aren’t we?


About Debbie Simpson

President of Multi-Craft in Newport, Kentucky.
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