We Remember!

Today is 9/11 – a day that for the last 13 years has been etched into our memories. We will always remember those whose lives were taken from them by a senseless act of terrorism. We will never forget those heroes who sacrificed their lives to bring down a plane into a field rather than have it take more American lives. We remember!

In August, I had the privilege of visiting the 911 Memorial and Museum in New York City. While the site memorializes such a great loss to our country, the way in which it was designed and built is just amazing. Every little detail of the fountains means something and honors those who lives were lost.

One thing that continues to stand out in my mind are the little white rosebuds that are placed each day in the names of those whose birthdays are on that day. That small touch of remembrance of their lives carries such tremendous impact.

Hearing the recordings of voice mails left, seeing the remnants of a building destroyed and viewing video footage of the disaster left an impression on me that remains fresh.

We all remember where we were that day when we heard that a plane had flown into the World Trade Center. For some of us, that day is another memory alongside of the memory of where we were when JFK was assassinated. Two very different events, but events that were executed by evil people, events that impacted the world and events that will remain in our memories forever.

To those loved ones who were left behind that day 13 years ago, my sympathies and prayers go out to you. We remember!

About Debbie Simpson

President of Multi-Craft in Newport, Kentucky.
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