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While preparing for our February Ideas In Motion Seminar on “Ethnic and Gender Marketing”, I came across a statement regarding marketing to different ethnic groups. The statement was that “Members of ethnic groups want to feel that the organization, marketing to them, actually knows what they want and how they want to be communicated with.”

I found that statement interesting because I don’t believe that the statement is reserved for ethnic group members. Don’t we all want to do business with people and organizations that make us feel welcome. That welcoming touch can be as simple as a smile and a “hello” when you enter a retail store. Or, it could be a thank you for purchasing a computer and offering the schedule for computer training classes.

What I don’t believe any of us want is that marketing piece that offers us a great deal on a product that we just happened to purchase from that company last month. Don’t they know we bought that from them? That type of marketing makes us feel that the company doesn’t know us and doesn’t care to know us.

Some of us prefer to receive marketing messages and offers via email, instead of direct mail. So,  it shouldn’t be  too much to expect that once we make that preference known, our offers should come to our inbox.

I have a credit card with a national retailer, that I use on a regular basis, to take advantage of their special offers and discounts. This organization knows me. All they have to do is look at my purchase history and see that I buy women’s clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry and children’s clothing. I don’t believe I’ve ever purchased menswear. I wonder how much they could save by eliminating 4-8 pages out of their monthly mailer by NOT advertising menswear to me. That is not only knowing your customer, but using your marketing dollars wisely.

Say hello to direct!

direct logo

Our direct suite of tools helps our clients do just that. The tools can help you define client preferences and then track them across multiple campaigns to see which touch they respond to, which channel they respond to and respond in, identify cross sell and upsell opportunities. Our focus is in helping our clients truly know their targets so they can relevantly and personally market their products and services. This should result in higher response and conversion rates, increased revenue and hopefully increased profits.

Technology makes all of this possible today. Companies that you do business with have lots of data about you, what you like, what you buy and what channels you purchase through. Since we know that organizations have this data, we are dumbfounded when they don’t use it to approach us in a way that shows us that they know us. This type of marketing is not just for ethnic  or gender groups, but for all clients.  And, it’s a smart way to get the most out of your marketing budget!

About Debbie Simpson

President of Multi-Craft in Newport, Kentucky.
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