It’s Friday!

First of all – it’s Friday! The end of a week of hard work, with the knowledge that I’ll be able to relax and recharge over the weekend. Then, on my way to work, I heard the weatherman predict sunshine! Does it get any better than that?

For me it did! I arrived to find my paycheck on my desk and a notice on the bulletin board that the freezer would be stocked with ice cream to celebrate a company-wide accomplishment. Wow! Happy Friday to me!

All of those little things combined to really boost my spirits, bring a spring to my step and a smile to my face. Since I was feeling so good, I decided to share my joy with the rest of our team. I walked through the plant sharing the good news:

  • It’s Friday
  • We’ll have sunshine
  • It’s payday
  • Ice cream at noon

It was funny how all of those things seemed to put a smile on everyone else’s face, too. It feels like our entire company is full of joy right now.

So often we think that we’ll be happy when we win the lottery, get a new house, find a better job, lose 10 lbs. – you get the drift. We’re always going to be happy, sometime in the future, if the stars align and something beyond what we already have happens.

My challenge to all of us today is to take a few minutes to reflect on all of the wonderful blessings that we currently have. And, they’ll be different for all of us.

At Pilates this morning, one of the men shared that he’s going to have a new grandchild soon. Another’s son is getting married next month and the round of parties and showers is in full swing. Someone else mentioned that their daughter will graduate next month and be coming home to start her career right here in our region.

So many things in our lives are good and positive, yet we get pulled into that cycle of always wanting more and withholding our joy until we get it. Just for today, let’s focus on all the positives and spread that joy to everyone we meet!

About Debbie Simpson

President of Multi-Craft in Newport, Kentucky.
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