Policing the Community

Today’s blog is far from being business-focused, but my heart is saddened by all of the senseless violence that I see happening.

Disclaimer – I am the proud mother of a Sheriff’s Department Detective. My son started over 15 years ago, at the bottom, by working for two years in the jail. He has been hit by a drunk driver, spit on, cursed at, worked the riots, worked second and third shift for years – all because he really loves his job. And, he’s good at it! Plus he’s learned to laugh at all the “doughnut” jokes he is the recipient of.

His dedication has earned him several promotions and, as his mother, I was thrilled when he made Detective. To me that meant he went in AFTER the crime, not during it. I felt it was safer, and so far, that is true.

I get sick when I hear of a shooting – any shooting. Solving problems by killing people is not a solution. What ever happened to conversation? Obedience? Respect? It seems like those things have died, along with the family unit.

We have children raising children. Children killing children. Many, who never had parental role models, have no idea of how to parent their children, so they don’t. We have an abundance of single parent homes and lack of educational accomplishments because we’ve “dumbed down” our educational system. Suddenly, public assistance provides a better lifestyle than a paying job.

Yet, I hear daily of all of the companies that are struggling to find qualified employees. They’re not looking for doctors or rocket scientists – they are looking for skilled craftsmen like welders, plumbers and press operators. All good paying jobs! I  don’t know about you, but I’ve never met a poor plumber. And, goodness knows you’d be willing to pay them anything when the toilet is overflowing!

There are many reasons people are angry. But, anger doesn’t solve problems. We have police who are angry with unruly citizens and mobs who are out to harm them and the communities they serve. And, since no one is perfect, there are a few law enforcement personnel, who are lashing out at citizens and abusing their power. None of this is right, and two wrongs will never make a right!

Respect for humanity and dedication to insure that our children are fed, clothed, educated, safe and loved must take precedence. We have laws to insure public safety and we all need to abide by those laws – no exceptions! If you don’t like a law, then work through the proper channels to change it.

I don’t know how to eradicate the anger that has swept across our nation and our world – other than lots of prayer. But, I’m thinking personal responsibility might be a good place to start. Taking personal responsibility for our successes and failures insure that we don’t blame others for holding us back. And, it is only through personal responsibility that we’ll be able to experience personal pride and satisfaction.

About Debbie Simpson

President of Multi-Craft in Newport, Kentucky.
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  1. Mike Davoran says:

    GREAT BLOG!!!!!!!!!!

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