Print Still Matters!

According to Britt Fero, executive vice president of Publicis, a New York-based advertising agency, “Printing is interesting because it actually provokes people to read it.”

Today, the majority of marketers believe that you can’t maintain an effective marketing strategy through digital alone.

Print Works (Domtar) reports that consumers still trust traditional media over online ads. They perceive it carries a higher value that digital content. In addition:

  • 78% of consumers react to direct mail immediately, especially when it is from a brand they’re interested in.
  • 44% of them will visit the brand’s website.
  • 34% will search online for more information about the product.
  • 58% of online shoppers state they browse catalogs for ideas.
  • 31% of them have a retailer’s catalog in front of them when they make an online purchase.
  • 65% of consumers surveyed state they have been directly influenced to purchase an item or service thanks to a direct mail piece.

In our fast paced digital world, print has the ability to provide a tactile experience that has a feeling of permanence and value.

Mary Frances Burt, Creative Director for Burt & Burt states, “Clients are beginning to associate the tactile experience of print with luxury. Digital is cheap, fast and easy. Who wants to be identified with any of those things?”

At Multi-Craft, we believe that an integrated approach is vital to marketing success. There is room for all channels – digital, social, mobile and print. Not everyone will welcome your emails or text messages. And, not everyone will visit your website, social media pages or read your direct mail. But, reaching out to your targets in multiple channels will give you a higher likelihood that one of those channels will encourage them to act.

“When you consider the emotional impact print delivers, it’s easy to see why it works in media mixes. From the magazines in your doctor’s waiting room to the fliers in your mail, print stimulates the senses like no other medium. Print can be thumbed through, dog-eared and show colors as they were meant to be seen. It delivers the memorable experience marketers want from their media mix.”

About Debbie Simpson

President of Multi-Craft in Newport, Kentucky.
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