Strategic Marketing

The purpose of advertising has always been to attract new and prospective customers to buy your products and services. Today, we are bombarded with marketing messages. In fact, we receive:

  • 5,000 marketing messages daily
  • We notice about 50 of those messages
  • We pay attention to only 4 of those messages

So, as a marketer, your job is to be 1 of the 4 that your targets pay attention to. Today, it isn’t just about ink on paper, but it isn’t just about ecampaigns, social media, mobile marketing or your website either. It’s about all of those channels and using as many as possible to reach your targets. Not everyone will open your email, look at your direct mail or welcome your text messages. But, they will likely interact over at least one of those channels. So, using multiple channels means more effective marketing.

If you’re a typical consumer your day may start with checking your email on your mobile phone, reading the morning paper, getting in the car and turning on your radio. On your way to the office, you are passing billboards, bus ads and business signage. Once you’re at your desk, there’s emails, reading an article in an industry publication and reading a book or magazine during your lunch hour. On the way home from work, your radio is again on and you return home to your mailbox and finally some relaxation in front of the television.

As you can see, you are being marketed to throughout your entire day! If you are not integrating as many marketing channels as possible in an attempt to get your targets’ attention, you are running the risk of losing them to a competitor.

According to Print In The Mix, 59% of marketers favor an approach consisting of print, web, mobile and social media.

Consider that:

  1. Print and digital is merging – QR codes and augmented reality are examples of how print drives traffic online.
  2. Metrics matter – personalized URLs drive traffic online and allow you to track target behavior and know your response and conversion rates.
  3. Targeted is best – targeted and personalized direct mail will generate a higher response rate than static mail.
  4. Emails sent prior and after a catalog, will boost response rates to the catalog.
  5. Direct mail effectively drives client acquisition, while email is a great tool for retention.

It’s the savvy marketers that understand that a strategic marketing plan utilizing multiple channels will garner a higher return on investment for the marketing dollars being spent!

About Debbie Simpson

President of Multi-Craft in Newport, Kentucky.
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